Exceptional equipment. Skilled audio engineers. A multitalented team.

Red Amp Audio is a state-of-the-art recording studio located in the heart of historic downtown Richmond, VA, that combines the best people, the latest technology, and new and vintage gear to make your project a success. Red Amp is the place to go if you are a band or recording artist looking to lay down tracks, an indie film in need of sound mixing, or if you want to create TV or radio commercials. Our friendly folks have decades of experience composing original music, creating sound design, and recording and mixing for our local, regional, and national clients.

  • Evans Drum Heads
  • Mod & Soul
  • Nexium Dragon
  • Newton Wellesley Hospital - Creative Spot using 'Prepared Piano'
  • Virginia Lottery - 'Give the Gift of Joy' TV Campaign


Not all budgets are equal, but the quality of the audio can be.

If you’re someone who is creating great videos on an economical budget, often directly for your client, we know you’re doing it all! But, you don’t want your end product to scream “cheap”…and the audio is often a dead giveaway. It’s assumed that to get audio done right it’s going to break the bank. So you mix the audio yourself but the sound quality probably isn't as good as it could be.

Red Amp can help. We can elevate your storytelling with great audio. We have the tools and the expertise to make your videos stand apart from the rest. And the best part? We make it easy and affordable.

SNACKS! Audio packages you choose, based on the audio focus needed for your project. You can mix and match as you see fit. Pick the amount of time you want us to work based on your budget and/or on the total running time of your project.

Recommended minimums:

  • 1 hour Audio Mixing per minute of video
  • 1 - 2 hours Sound Design per minute of video


Click here to book your SNACKS session.

About Red Amp Audio

Red Amp Audio

Red Amp Audio opened its doors in November 2009. Formerly Far West Audio (founded in 2001), Red Amp features three audio recording suites, a two-story tracking room, an isolation booth, and plenty of other toys for music makers of all kinds to play with. Our cutting-edge facility was designed by award-winning architect Peter Grueneisen, FAIA, whose projects have included studios for DreamWorks Animation, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, the Dave Matthews Band, and film composer Hans Zimmer. Grueneisen's innovative design for Red Amp Audio, incorporating environmentally friendly cotton insulation and wood, was nominated for a prestigious TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) Award for outstanding creative achievement in acoustics/facility design and was featured on the cover of Mix Magazine's Studio Design Class of 2010 as one of the year's hottest new studios.

Jody Boyd

Jody BoydEmail contact

A gear hoarder, professional musician for three decades, and multi-instrumentalist, Jody composes music, creates award-winning sound design, and provides audio post for clients including Walmart, Capital One, Cato Fashion, CarMax, and the Virginia Lottery. He completed his bachelor of music at VCU, attended the Eastman School of Music as a graduate student, and has produced recordings for artists including Carbon Leaf, Natalie Stovall & The Drive, The Church Sisters, and The Shack Band. Jody is also a tomato soup connoisseur and classic car enthusiast.

Marna Bales

Marna BalesEmail contact

Queen Bee Marna oversees Red Amp’s hive of talent and is the go-to person for all vendor and client relations. She is a songwriter (NSAI Member), an accomplished recording artist (CMA Member), and a professional voice talent featured in local, regional, and national ad campaigns. Marna is a VCU alum with a degree in mass communications and public relations whose wide-ranging experience includes broadcast production management at the Martin Agency and project management at Genworth Financial.

Andrew Uvarov

Andrew UvarovEmail contact

Born and raised in Riga, Latvia, Andrew is Red Amp's resident sound doctor and brainiac. A classical guitarist from age 9, he specializes in post-production as well as location and studio sound recording with extensive experience in sound editing, mixing, and sound design for commercials, corporate videos, television, and feature films. Andrew’s recent credits include films Tri, Big Stone Gap, Field of Lost Shoes, and The Last Punch and various projects for the Walmart Smart Network.


  • Audio Post-Production & Mixing
  • Dialogue Replacement – ADR
  • ISDN Recording
  • Multitrack Recording
  • Original Music Composition & Production
  • Music Producers
  • Sound Design
  • 5.1 Surround Mixing
  • Voice / Narration Recording
  • Songwriting, Co-Writing & Song Evaluation Services
  • Session Musicians & Vocalists
  • Voice Talent Casting
  • Music Licensing
  • Jingle Writing
  • Pre-Production Consultations for Recording Projects
  • Broadcast Distribution

In addition to our services listed here, Red Amp Audio offers video production, editing and motion graphics services via our collaborative partner, MadBox. We have created countless television commercials, films, documentaries, interactive projects and more inside the 9WG studios building. We proudly participate in “First Fridays” by exhibiting local and regional artists on our gallery walls. For more information, visit the 9WG Studios Building website.

Our Amenities:

Red Amp Audio supports the creative process by offering a comfortable yet dynamic space with a wide range of amenities such as: Ample Snacks, Drinks & Meals; Full Kitchen Access; Free Parking

Our Work

Commercial & Long Form

Commercial Playlist

Long Form Playlist


Artist Projects

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Consoles/Control Surfaces

  • API Legacy Plus 32 Channel Analog Console with Vision Automation
  • AVID S6 ProTools Control Surfaces (2)


  • ProTools HDX 2, ProTools HDX 1

Outboard Gear

  • Neve 1073 (4) Preamp
  • API 512C (4) Preamp
  • DW Fern Vacuum Tube “Pulltec” style VT4 EQs (2)
  • DW Fern VT2 Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamp
  • SPL Transient Designer (2)
  • A-Designs Pacifica Dual Mono Preamp
  • Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor (2)
  • Thermionic Culture: The Culture Vulture – Super 15
  • Purple Audio MC77 Limiting Amplifier
  • Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr. Compressor with a UBK mod
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • DBX 120X Subharmonic Synthesizer
  • TC Electronic System 6000 Reverb / Dynamics Processor
  • Retro Sta-level Compressors (2)
  • API 2500 Stereo Compressor (2)
  • Telos Zephyr X-stream ISDN Codec
  • Analogue AT101 Fairchild Stereo Compressor
  • Avalon U5 Direct Box
  • API 527 Compressor (4)
  • API 550A EQ’s (22)


  • Neumann U47 (Vintage), M49 (Vintage), U67 (Vintage), U87, M147 (2),  TLM170
  • Microtech Gefell M300 (matched pair)
  • Sennheiser MD421 (5), E602, MKH 416 (shotgun), MKH-50 (hypercardioid)
  • Rode NT2 (matched pair)
  • Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Condenser
  • Royer R122 (2), SF24 Stereo Ribbon
  • Coles 4038 Ribbon
  • RCA 44b(2), 77dx
  • Audix I5 (2), Audix OM5 (2)
  • AKG D112 (2), C460B
  • Josephson C42 (matched pair), C700A Condenser
  • Shure SM7, SM57 (3), SM58 (4), Beta 91
  • Yamaha Subkick
  • Sanken COS-11 (lavalier)
  • Sony C800G Condenser
  • Wunder CM67
  • Beyer M160 (2)


  • Quested VS3208 in LCR Configuration, VS1115 (2), VS2108 (2) for surround
  • JBL LSR6328 (3), LSR6325 (2), LSR6312 Subwoofer
  • Avant Electronics Active Mix Cubes (2)
  • Barefoot MM27 near field Monitors

Musical Instruments

  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano
  • Yamaha Motiv XS8 Keyboard
  • Vintage Vibe Red Sparkle Rhodes Keyboard
  • Yamaha Phoenix 7-piece Drum Set
  • Craviotto 2010 NAMM Show 5-piece Drum Set
  • DW Drums 3-piece Jazz Kit, Maple 5-piece Kit
  • Gretch USA Custom 5-piece Kit
  • Longo 5″ Bubinga Snare
  • Craviotto 6″ Brass Snare, 6″ Split Wood Snare, 8″ Maple Snare
  • Ludwig 1920’s Black Beauty Snare
  • Remo Piccolo Wood Snare
  • DW Blonde Maple Snare
  • Ayotte Keplinger Metal Snare
  • Joyful Noise 6.5 x 14 Brass Snare
  • Little Walter Vince Gill Amp
  • Dr. Z Maz 38 Guitar Amp
  • Marshall 2061 Guitar Amp
  • Marshall DSL401 Cabinet
  • Vintage 1960’s All Original Fender Pro Reverb Guitar Amp
  • Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin D12-28 12-String Acoustic
  • Martin HD35 Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin Custom Shop OM-28 Acoustic Guitar
  • Gibson 1959 Reissue Les Paul Guitar
  • Gibson Tom Murphy Aged & Painted Custom Shop Les Paul Guitar
  • Gibson Wildwood spec Warren Haynes ES335 Guitar
  • Gibson Wildwood Spec 59 Les Paul Guitar
  • John Suhr Classic T Telecaster Guitar
  • Veilette Baritone 12-string Guitar
  • Dan Electro Baritone Guitar
  • Gold Tone Resonator Guitar
  • Fender John Cruz built 59 Relic Telecaster Guitar & Stratocaster Guitar
  • National Reso-phonic NRP-B Resonator Guitar
  • Martin Tenor Ukelele
  • Access to 4 Music Libraries
  • Hundreds of Gigs of SFX accessed by SoundMiner
  • Virtually every Pro Tools Plug-in imaginable including Cedar DNS1 Noise Reduction, iZotope RX Advanced and Waves Diamond Bundle


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Red Amp Audio at 9WG Studios

9 West Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23220
804.225.9510 p
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The studio is located in the heart of the historic Monroe Ward district – an architectural gem located just east of Virginia Commonwealth University and bound by Belvidere, Broad, 5th and Canal Streets.