4 Things to Consider When Starting Your Podcast

4 Things to consider when starting your podcast

1.) Play to your strengths.

Podcasting operates as another social media channel for your business/brand allowing your audience to engage deeper with you/your brand. If you’re a business owner that is at least one of these things enthusiastic, entertaining, knowledgeable, comfortable, or curious (when interviewing) on the mic than you’re a perfect candidate. If this isn’t you it’s not the end of the world! The second option is have someone who works for you host/co-host the podcast. There is nothing wrong with delegating the position of company podcast host to a personality that fits it better. It will actually show off your fantastic managerial chops to let everyone play to their strengths. 

2.) Be yourself. 

It’s ok to not have every topic, conversation, and idea completely fleshed out before starting. I believe the podcasting medium lends itself to a looser flow. Especially if your podcast is interview based. Written or over structured conversation when not done by professional actors will come across as stiff to an audience and may be unnerving to your guest. If your podcast is about your business and your business is fun or artsy be that way! Being someone else or putting on an act will get tiring and you’ll wind up resenting it. Being your true self will bring more like-minded people to your podcast and your business. At the end of the day you will just be happier being your true self.

3.) Record with an audio engineer.


If you’ve ever listened to a podcast before that doesn’t have an audio engineer it can sound like this: Hi YOur listeNing to My POdcaST thaT I HoST iN mY KITchen AlL bY mYSElf, TODays GuEST is STEve. (Steve) HI THANKS FOR HAVING ME ON. This can be jarring and frustrating for your audience to listen to. People may even move on to listen to something else. Having an audio engineer or hosting your podcast at a professional studio is best. Especially if you’re a business and want a congruent level of professionalism in the media you put out. Not having your audio quality up to par with your brand would be like a 5 star restaurant posting dark and grainy photos of their food on instagram. If you’re a brand that’s known for professionalism and a high quality service or product your media on social platforms including podcasting needs to match that. 

4.) It’s a learning process. 

If you’re one of those people who is scared to jump into something new because of the unknowns well good luck growing in any area for the rest of your life. We all have to start somewhere in any new space. The super ripped guy at the gym didn’t show up that way, The Beatles weren’t born great songwriters, and the top podcasters started at the bottom not knowing what they were doing. If you need any boost in confidence go look at Joe Rogan’s first podcast on youtube or check out Tim Ferriss’s first podcast where he was so nervous he got drunk. These are now two of the most popular podcasts of all time. Rogan’s podcast is now listened to 1.5+ billion times per year at around $50-100M/year revenue. Independently and 100% owned by Joe, no networks, no middle men and 100M+ people audience. As a business owner you need to catch trends before they get saturated. The best time to start a podcast would of been 5 years ago but the second best time is today.